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Measurement Principle
& Method
Direct Loading Method with Load-Cell Feedback/ Direct Linear Displacement Measurement
Standars Conformed ISO 6506-2/ ISO 6508-2/ ASTM E 18/ ASTM E 10/ ASTM E 140/ ASTM D 785
JIS B 7726/ JIS K 7202/ JIS Z 2245/
Display & Operation Panel
8- Color LCD Touch Panel Display
Available Languages Japanese/ English/ German/ French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Chinese/ Korean
Loading Principle
Measurement Operation
Fully-Automatic Load Control Method:
Fully-Automatic Measurement Operation; Descent of Load Shaft ~ Minor Load Application ~
Test Load Application- Hold- Release- ~ Hardness Display ~ Ascent of Load Shaf
※ Only Manual Operation: Elevation of Specimen Surface within 0.5 ~ 8 mm to Indenter
Load    Minor Load N:29.42  98.07
kgf : 3  10
Test Load
N:147.1   294.2     441.3   588.4   980.7     1471
kgf : 15   30     45       60     100     150
Special Load for Brinelll Test Conforming to ISO 6506-2 N: 61.29, 76.61, 98.07, 153.2, 196.1, 245.2, 294.2
306.5, 392.3, 612.9, 980.7, 1177, 1226, 1839
kgf: 6.25, 7.8125, 10, 15.625, 20, 25, 30,
31.25, 40, 62.5, 100, 120, 125, 187.5
Flexible Special Rockwell Load Setting Available Special Customized Rockwell Type Test by Setting Minor Load/ Test Load Combination
between 29.42 N (3 kgf) and 1961 N (200 kgf)
Maxmum Travel of Load Shaft  Max. 8 mm
Test Load Dwell Time 0 ~ 999 s (Key Entry in unit of 1 s/ Factory Setting : 3 s)
Measurement Speed
For Normal Measurement: Approx. 13 s/ 1 cycle
Display: 0.01 HR
Plastic Measurement Mode Available Load Control Method Conforming to JIS Z 7202 and ASTM D 785
Hardness Conversion Conversion & Display in compliance with ASTM E 140
OK/ NG Criteria
& Limit Setting
Upper and Lower Limit Setting between 0.01 ~ 130 HR and OK/ NG Display
Self Diagnosis Display Troubles with Motors and Switches
HR Scale Display C, D, A, G, GW, B, BW, F, FW, K, KW, E, EW, H, HW, P, PW, M, MW,L,LW,V, VW, S, SW, R, RW,
15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 15TW, 30T, 30TW, 45T, 45TW, 15W, 15WW, 30W, 30WW, 45W, 45WW,
15X, 15XW, 30X, 45XW, 15Y, 15YW, 30Y, 30YW, 45Y, 45YW
Brinell Test Mode  – Display HB Hardness based on Depth of Indentation
※ Reference only to ASTM E 10
Test Load Display Display Test Load in kgf and SI simultaneously on SCALE SELECTION Screen
HR Data Correction Max. Five Points each on 3 HR Scales/ Offset on each HR/ HR on Convex Cylindrical Surfaces (In compli-ance with ASTM E 18 and JIS Z 2245)/ HRC on Convex Round Surfaces (In compliance with JIS Z 2245)
HR Data Editing Data Ediing/ Statistic Data(Test Times/ Max./ Min./ Mean/ Range/ Standard Deviation/ Dispersion/
Coefficient of Variation)/ Graph Chart Display/ Histogram Display
MAX. Indentation Depth Detection and Output of Max. Indentation Depth
Special Test Mode For Detection On Process Of
Displacement of Load
& Indentation Depth
  Detection of Displacement of Test Load &IndentationDepth on Procese of Loading and output to outerPC by RS232C in reai-time
Data Output &
Communicaiotn Signal
RS232C : 2 Channels (For Printer & PC) / OPTION : P.I.O.(For External Control)
Data Printout Mode a. HR Value/ b. HR Value & Conversion Data/ c. HR Value & Max.Depth of Indentation/ d. HR Value &OK-NG Criteria/ e. HR Value & Statistic Data/ f. HR Value, Mean Value & OK-NG Criteria/. ConversionData/ h. Conversion Data & OK-NG Criteria/ i. Conversion Data& Statistic Data/ j. Conversion Data, Mean Value & OK-NG Criteria/ k. Max.Depth of Indentation
Illumination Light White LED Spot Illumination
Specimen Fixing Adapter Available as Option:2 Types / Large & Small
Max. Height of Specimen 255 mm(10″)
Max.Depth of Specimen 170 mm(6.7″)
Demension (W)220×(D)465×(H)810 mm
Weight Approx. 100 kg(Including Standard Accessories)
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz/ Single Phase (Switchable in outside)

Dải lực đo tuỳ thuộc vào việc chọn lựa Kiểu MINOR LOAD hay Kiểu TEST LOAD.


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