Glass Calibration Plate


Base material of Glass Calibration Plate is made of Neoseram (NEG). It has a very low thermal expansion coefficient which is almost equivalent to synthetic silica. Precise pattern is printed on white glass, therefore its contrast seems sharper than the current transparent ones. The calibration image taken by a camera can be used to calibrate the measurement and magnification of optical system, as well as correct lenses distortion etc.
As for transparent ones, for example, 10mm/1000division grid type, can be easily used as a resolving chart. Base material of transparent type is made of synthetic silica or B-270(SCHOTT).
Customized patterns are also available. Please contact with us for details first.


  • Material : Neoseram N-11 (Heat resisting glass, up to 700oC
  • Size : 200X200mm (max.)
  • Thickness : 35mm
  • Accuracy : 50mm (+-0.002mm)200mm (+-0.01mm)
  • Minimum Line Space : 2 μm / 2 μm / (L/S)


For more information, please contact us.

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