Measurement of depths


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DIATEST offers several solutions for comparative measurement of depths
Both solutions measure two values at the same time: Both measure the depth, but whereas one measures the inner diameter, the other one detects No-Go gauges in cylinder bores or threads.



TD – Gauges+

For the simultaneous gauging of thread or bore depth and detecting of Nogo gauges
Two versions are available: the analogue TD-Gauge+ and the digital TD-Gauge+ DIGITAL

Universal system:
– DIN-gauges of all manufacturers can be used (DIN cone 1:50)
– Thread gauges: M2.5 to M18 (DIN 2282 and DIN 2284)
– Cylinder Plug gauges: Ø 2.0 to 18.0 mm (DIN 2248 and DIN 2249)
More information: Catalogue




 For the simultaneous measurement of diameter and depth of a bore: Gauge-2Dimensions
The best of two worlds has merged: the ergonomics of a TD-Gauge+ DIGITAL with the absolute precision of a BMD plug gauge
Modular construction system allows a quick change of BMD plug gauges according to measuring task
– Use of BMD plug gauges from Ø 4.2 mm upwards
– Display of diameter: free choice of indicator, e. g. digital indicator MDU
– All measured values can be transferred via cable or DIAWIRELESS,
– Wide range of accessories, e. g. depth extensions, depth stops, etc.
– Easy set-up and handling
More information: Catalogue

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