Run-Out Gauge

Maker: Niigata Seiki
Made in: Japan


Use: Concentricity measurement by mounting your current indicator to this system.

– Two base types, Two roller types, and instrument available in three options, for a total of 12 available configurations.
– Up to 2 μ accuracy. Off ers a high level of measurement precision.
– Smooth measurement with grip handle and timing belt & pulley operation system.
– Carrier angle fi ne adjustment for easy zero point setting of the measuring instruments. Free movement in Z-direction provides an ideal measurement position.
– Equipped with work retainer for holding front and rear of workpiece and to enable measurement of axial run-out.


– Base: Carbon steel
– Roller: Tool Steel

Accuracy: within 2-3.5μm※ 2μm=when measuring φ20mm work piece
Provided with carrying case
Measuring Conditions:
OD of workpiece : φ4-30mm (precision roller for measurements under φ4 optional)
Length of workpiece: 5-80mm
Shape of workpiece: Cylindrical

Model No. Base type Roller type Carrier type Weight
ROG-221S Short base Slit Roller Basic type(no carrier)  3.6kg
ROG-221SS Shaft Carrier  4.0kg
ROG-221LS Linear Carrier   4.3kg
ROG-223S Flat Roller Basic type(no carrier)  3.7kg
ROG-223SS Shaft Carrier 4.1kg 
ROG-223LS Linear Carrier   4.4kg
ROG-351S Long base Slit Roller Basic type(no carrier)  4.6kg
ROG-351SS  Shaft Carrier  5.0kg
ROG-351LS  Linear Carrier   5.3kg
ROG-353S Flat Roller Basic type(no carrier)  4.7kg
ROG-353SS   Shaft Carrier  5.1kg
ROG-353LS  Linear Carrier   5.4kg

More information: Catalogue

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