Máy đo không tiếp xúc MVP 400/600




SprintMVP 400 System


SprintMVP 400/600 is a large capacity, fully automatic, 3 axis dimensional measuring system.
A choice of three measuring ranges is available to accommodate a wide range of part and fixtures.
SprintMVP features high precision stages and optics, and a high resolution digital color camera for crystal clear imaging.


Measurement Range (mm)

 Model X Y Z
 SprintMVP 400  450 450 150
 SprintMVP 400
(With Extender Z-axits)
450 450 300
 SprintMVP 600  610 450 150


– Massive granite base for stability
– Precision compound XY stages
– 0.5 micron scale on XY & Z standard
– Fully automatic – 3 axis joystick control
– Versatile measure – X software


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